Brand made with love

Products for professional hair care
by Limba Cosmetics
in partnership with KERATIN Chicago


About us

Brand Limba Cosmetics is a symbiosis of the classics of brazilian keratin straightening technologies and innovative developments for slavic hair type. We have created a brand that meets all the requirements of a modern technician from Russia, Belarus and neighboring countries - only the most indispensable products and nothing superfluous. The best keratin formula on the market, pleasant smell, minimum fumes, perfect result! Our products are designed to make technicians happy and give them pleasure from their work!

Our product lines

Thanks to valuable experience working with keratin technicians and beauty salons, we clearly understand what professionals in hair treatment and their clients are looking for now, what needs they have and how to meet them. 

We have tried to minimize unpleasant odors and fumes in our formulations to make the work of professionals pleasant and stress-free. The minimalist design will allow you to proudly place our products on the shelves, which, thanks to their small volume, will not take up much space.


Highly-effective concentrates of premium-quality raw materials



The first product line with protector in the composition


Molecular hair reconstruction

The program is based on the technology of point layer-by-layer impact on the damaged parts of hair


Home Line

3 lines for professional hair care at home


our advantages

High-quality components
Proprietary technologies
Direct communication with chemists-developers
International developments
Exclusively for slavic hair type