The first product line with protector in the composition

A unique formulation based on Brazilian oils, amino acids and hydrolyzed proteins with a protector in the composition! Maximum nourishment and straightening for medium to tight curls. Minimum fumes and unpleasant odors during the blow-drying process. The products provide deep nutrition to the hair, thanks to the extracts and oils in the composition, and also creates a dense protective film on the hair.

Mix the keratins together to achieve the best possible result

To choose the right keratin according to your client’s hair type, you can mix them together like a real scientist and achieve the perfect composition for any client.

Strong keratin prevais

70:30 (Power:Lite)

For medium hair of the 3C curl type

Equal proportions

50:50 (Power:Lite)
For medium and fine hair 
of the 3A curl type

Light keratin prevails

70:30 (Lite:Power)
For fine and medium hair 
of the 2C curl type

First step before the procedure

Deep Cleansing Shampoo "WASH IT" with camomile extract is used to prepare hair for salon treatments, it provides quality hair and scalp cleansing.


Wash hair 2 times:

1. Apply the shampoo to hair and scalp, wash thoroughly, and then rinse.

2. Wash hair through its length.

The advantages of our products

Thanks to valuable experience working with keratin hair stylists and beauty salons, we understand exactly what hair stylists and their clients are looking for, what their needs are and how we can fulfill them.

Only high-quality components

Proprietary technologies

Direct communication with chemists-developers

Exclusively for slavic hair

First keratin with protector in the composition

Total Revitalizer

Hair reconstruction kit is a popular multi-stage "total reconstruction" procedure in one bottle!

Thanks to the composition rich in hyaluronic acid, betaine, amino acid complex and hydrolyzed keratin, hair is filled with useful components

High quality silicones form a protective film on hair that gives incredible shine

The product prevents from brittleness and protects hair from negative environmental factors

It is recommended to take a course of 3 procedures within 3-4 weeks of each other to restore damaged hair

Results of treatments performed with Limba products

Lite Keratin

Power Keratin

Botox Nutri

Total Revitalizer